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    Yalim Aytul is a leader in Software Engineering. A creative, nonlinear thinker, Yalim has a unique ability to master any given task from creative, innovative ideation to complex analytical process execution. He has a high level of focus, aptitude, determination, drive, and persistence, making him a true master of his work, on a continuous quest to improve processes--whether in his work or in his personal life.

    When Yalim isn’t playing the role of meticulous architect in realm of technology, he uses the same determination to perfect his fine art—-paintings and drawings. Like with Software Engineering, for Yalim there is always more to be done with his art—-more to improve and perfect.

    Yalim was born on August 27, 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied at the prestigious Sisli Terakki High School in Istanbul and later at Yildiz University, where he received his Mechanical Engineering degree in 1992. His over 25 years of experience includes work as a Software Engineer, Development Team Lead, Consultant, Senior Software Architect, and Cloud Architect. From 2001 onwards, he has been living in the United States and working for companies including Electronic Arts, IBM, Aptitude, and more. In 2009, Yalim founded the Software company Aug70 Co. He has since been learning, exploring and working with new developments in cloud computing and software development.